Sara-Jean Ursrey (Dream Boat, Dark Meat) produced by Suny Lyons (Dream Boat, pacificUV) in Athens, Georgia

Honeychild was born in 2013 with the dreamy debut “American Beach”. The ukulele was at the core of each song, accompanied by soaringĀ vocals, surf guitars, satisfying strums, beach vacation themes, and a surprisingly epic song about being under the stars.

Honeychild’s clever use of nostalgic themes and textures in the contemporary context of her new album “Surrender” is simultaneously fresh sounding and emotionally explosive. The songs of her sophomore full-length album feel like a sexy, heart-aching, time-traveling dream to 1988 from 2015.


Songs, Voices, Ukuleles

Sara-Jean Ursrey

The Honeychild

And Multi-Instrumentalist (Guitars, Organs, Bass, Beats, Vocals)

Suny Lyons

Record Producer

And Sometimes Backing Vocals

Page Campbell

Art and Design

For Live Performance

Gage Howe

Guitar and Backing Vocals